Suntrap Residential School, , London

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Suntrap Residential School is a community special school residing in locality of . It has been offering exceptional educational opportunities for students aged between and . Residing on , in the town of , the school is within the parliamentary constituency of .

This is a gender school with boys and girls.

Suntrap Residential School is part of the Not applicable, continues to served the community with distinction for many years

Suntrap Residential School Profile

Education PhaseNot Applicable
School TypeCommunity special school
Age Range- year old
BoardersNo boarders
Nursery ProvisionNot applicable
Official Sixth FormNot applicable
Religious CharacterDoes not apply
DioceseNot applicable
School Max. Capacity students
Address ,

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School Status
: Closed
Ofsted Rating
Parliamentary Constituency
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Suntrap Residential School Address & Location

This education institution is located in , , , London .

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Teachers & School Workforce

Suntrap Residential School have a total of teachers in their school, with of them are classroom teachers. Only % of them are above the age of 50. In Suntrap Residential School the pupil to teachers ratio is , which means 1 teacher teaches around pupils.

Teachers & Staff Composition

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Pupils Comparison

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Boys vs Girls

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Free School Meals Percentage

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